Woodworking: Making a woven Lazy Susan

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My wife wanted a Lazy Susan for the downstairs island. She entertains down there often and would like a way for all her friends to be able to easily enjoy the variety of snacks and goodies that she makes available. There’s actually very little that makes a Lazy Susan interesting since it’s basically just the hardware mounted onto a board. With that in mind, I tried to come up with a way to spice it up a bit and to incorporate some artistic interest into the piece. Well, I think I did it! I used the “weaving” technique that I’ve explained in a previous video and managed to work in eight different species of wood into the piece. Walnut, Maple, Honey Locust, Purple Heart, Yellow Heart, Ipe, Marblewood, and Mahogany. Check out the video and see just how I ended up making, what I think just might be, the prettiest Lazy Susan ever!

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Basic Woodwork Project – The Workbench

For those beginning out in woodwork I would certainly suggest as one of your very first tasks that you construct yourself a workbench. The factor, do you intend to build all of your future tasks on the flooring? You might already have an existing workbench and also it might also be incomparably ideal for woodwork purposes and if that holds true you may not want to check out better. If you do not, then right here are some ideas that I can use to assist make certain your workbench will certainly be a helpful and long-lived part of your workshop.

Qualities of Wood

Woodworkers should take a natural material as well as cut and also form it to the best impact. To this end, the woodworker needs to appreciate that woodworking is an equivalent partnership, an integrating of devices, techniques and wood.

Building A Garden Shed – Where Do I Begin?

Have you always wished to build your own garden shed but were worried that you couldn’t afford it? Or were you possibly anxious that it would be too complicated to develop? It is possible to build an affordable yard shed without destroying your budget, as well as it’s not also that tough to do.

Unique Router Bits Give Life to Your Woodworking Project

A woodworking router is a device used to burrow or gouge out some part of an item of timber. The earliest routers were hand-operated tools as well as similar in appearance to a flat wood aircraft, except with interchangeable slim blades rather than a large, flat blade. Today, it is one of one of the most flexible tools you will certainly discover in any workshop.

The Real Value of Woodworking Plans

If you are simply beginning in woodworking, it needs to be fairly apparent that you would desire to collaborate with woodworking plans. Do you recognize, though, that also specialist woodworkers use woodworking plans to guide them to success? Woodworking strategies can also assist you advance into a professional.

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