Woodworking: Making a Swivel Bookcase

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I’m not a huge reader but my wife sure is and she was in dire need of a bookcase. I wanted to make something compact but yet still very functional. I designed this bookcase so that it has shelves for books on all four sides. An integrated lazy Susan allows the bookcase to swivel granting easy accessibility to everything on the shelves. The simplistic joinery makes it very easy to assemble and the fact it can be made from 3/4″ plywood means it’s a great project for the new-to-intermediate woodworker. So enjoy the video, pick up the plans, and make yourself a stunning bookcase!

What Kind of Woodworker Do You Want to Be?

If you intend to get involved in woodworking as a career and even a permanent pastime, you will certainly need to focus on woodworking skills that are proper to both your requirements as well as your abilities. The first decision you will need to make is in between woodworking and also fine woodworking.

Hard or Soft: What Wood Do You Use?

If you have timber tasks in mind after that you know that you will need a great deal of devices as well as motivation to finish it! It’s so typically when it pertains to dealing with big projects, we wind up beginning it successfully and not completing it for an additional month. With the correct understanding you can complete your project as quick as you started.

Safety Tips for Woodworking

Any type of seasoned woodworker will certainly tell you the initial guideline in the store is security. Right here is a beginner’s guide to security factors to consider prior to starting any woodworking projects.

The Ten Commandments Of The Wood Shop

While maintaining the rules of the Wood Store is a severe issue, we hereby provide The Ten Commandments Of The Timber Shop, a lighter handle some common timber store policies. Go ahead … publish them up as well as upload them around your shop, as well as please stay off the horses.

African Wooden Carvings and African Tribal Masks

The nation of Kenya boasts a few of the most experienced manufacturers of African wooden makings as well as African tribal masks worldwide. The wood sculpting industry in Kenya is large, with an approximated 60,000 individuals depending on it for their main income. African tribal masks are one-of-kind artworks, having one-of-a-kind, meaningful qualities. One West African people that is known for upholding this sacred tradition is the Maasai people out of Kenya. For the Maasai people of Kenya, the old-time technique of putting on the African tribal masks is what allows them to attach to the souls of their lengthy dead forefathers.

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