Woodworking: Making a Step Stool

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My little shop stool has gotten pretty rickety and unstable. It’s definitely not safe for me to stand on to get things off my lumber rack anymore. I needed something that would be more stable and be a touch taller. I thought it would be nice to have a shop stool that could also double as a step ladder. With that in mind, I drew up a Fisher’s Shop take on a common design for a step stool. This piece features a stable double A-frame designed stool with a nested set of steps that can flip out on an axle. This turned out to be a wonderful little addition to the shop! And with just half-lap and dado joinery, it was a cinch to put together. Check out the video and then pick up the plans to make yourself one of these handy little step-stools.

Handmade Jewelry Boxes – Made More Exquisite With Marquetry

Wood fashion jewelry boxes made from rubber timber as well as decorated with unique marquetry layouts are both useful and decorative. Marquetry is an art in which one produces stunning pictures by setting slim bits of different wood or all-natural products together seamlessly. The resulting styles as well as patterns show the meticulous skill and accuracy of the master craftsman as he creates the last item.

How to Get Glue Off of Your Woodworking Tools

If you have actually been making dirt for any kind of size of time, you’ve most likely gotten all types of adhesives as well as other things on your clamps, hammers, clubs, and also hand devices. We’re mosting likely to look at just how to get that things off of your devices, due to the fact that satisfaction in your tools is an indication of a master craftsman. When it comes collaborating with timber, the devil is DEFINITELY in the details.

The 5 Most Horrifying Things Woodworkers Aren’t Doing

Woodworkers are devoting 5 horrible acts, as well as they’re doing it usually. Neglect these at your own peril!

All About Wood Finishes

Beginning woodworkers usually have a tough time applying a surface to a project. It appears like no one cares just how hard some joinery or teeny-tiny machining, however when it involves putting a finish on their job, most woodworkers get as timid as a teen child on an initial date. “Is this the most effective surface for my project?” is one I hear a whole lot.

Woodworking Router: A Basic Tool in Woodworking

Woodworking is fun yet it requires ability as well as creative thinking. With the correct tools like a woodworking router, you will be able to produce wonderfully crafted timber work you can use for numerous functions in your house.

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