Woodworking: Making A Police Gear Stand

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My good friend is a Deputy Sheriff, so I wanted to surprise him with his very own stand for all his day-to-day gear. It has brackets so he can hang his duty belt and bulletproof vest off the main post. On the top is a tray for his radio, bodycam, flashlight, as well as any other small items with a hole in the back to route charging cables through. Next to that is a lockbox that will contain his sidearm and his taser. Another nice thing about this stand is that the entire thing breaks down into three parts making it easy to transport or to ship. This is certainly a unique piece but yet something that is highly sought after by law enforcement officers, military personnel, and even the tactical enthusiast. So check out the video, have a laugh, and then pick up the plans to make one of your very own or to sell!

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