Woodworking: Making a Dartboard Cabinet

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I had a dartboard in my basement as a kid and I really enjoyed playing. I must have clocked hundreds of hours playing games with my brother, my father, and my friends. I wanted to give my boy some of those same memories, so I figured Iā€™d design a nice-looking cabinet to house the board, the darts, and anything else that goes along with it. The end result turned out to be a rather simple cabinet that looks very elegant and is very functional for what it needs to do. Check out the video and then pick up the plans to make one of your own!

00:00 Introduction
00:59 Milling
04:12 Frame Assembly
05:53 Back Panel
07:16 Molding
07:55 Door Designs
10:03 Hinges, Dart Holders, & Finish
11:57 Wine Cork Backer
12:50 Pallet Slat Wall
13:49 Hanging the Cabinet & Finish

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