Woodworking: Laundry Room Carts (Remodel part 3 of 3)

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After putting down the new laundry room countertop and centering our washer and dryer underneath, there were two voids that needed filling. They were just big enough for a couple of narrow carts to slide into. I designed these two carts, one to hold a couple of hampers and another to hold cleaning supplies. They fit perfectly into the spaces but they’ve also been very handy to have! With the hampers right there, we no longer have a mountain of dirty laundry piled on the floor or on top of the washer. And when we need to do some cleaning, all the supplies for the whole house are all together on the other cart. It just feels good to be organized but also to have an efficient and effective solution to some problems that we didn’t really even know we had. Check out the video and watch how these two carts wrap up the laundry room remodel project and see the final reveal when my wife finally gets to see her finished room!

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