Woodworking: How to Make a Woven Cutting Board

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I came across a very unusual, but very interesting, woodworking design online and I wanted to see if I could replicate the results. Not only did I manage to figure out how it’s done, but I ended up making some pretty stunning pieces myself. Take a look at this video to see how you can use the weaving technique to really add some interest and an artistic flare to some of your woodworking!

Roberto Gastelumendi has been using this technique since the 1990’s. I wonder how far back it goes! 🙂

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Good Finish for Wood

If you ask a hundred woodworkers to specify the term “great finish,” you will obtain a hundred various meanings. And afterwards if you ask the furniture-buying public to specify “excellent coating,” you will likely get back at more interpretations.

Bleaching Wood

Bleaches are extremely responsive chemicals that break down the natural colorants in wood. For years, woodworkers have made use of bleach to lighten the shade of their supply.

5 Classic Wooden Toys to Build for Your Kids

No issue whether you’re a woodworking enthusiast or if DIY projects aren’t usually at the top of your to do list, you have to admit that structure wood toys for your kids beats seeing TV all weekend. You can obtain your youngsters involved as well, either assisting you out or simply viewing. Wooden playthings never absolutely go out of design and most of these toys are academic as well as fun.

Woodwork Jigs

Dealing with wood is a process whereby a private needs to deal with detail and ability. Errors while collaborating with timber are likely to mess up the whole of the item. In woodworking there are a variety of factors which require to be executed time after time.

Woodwork Projects You Can Start Immediately

Are you retired, or maybe on vacation? Possibly also searching for a new pastime, or something helpful to do? If the solution is “yes” to any one of the above then you should have time to examine some woodwork plans you never ever appear to have actually had time for when you were busy.

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