Woodworking: Adjustable Drying Rack (Laundry Remodel pt. 2)

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In this video I design and build an adjustable drying rack for our laundry room. This design lets it be out of the way when not in use but also out of the way when it IS being used. You can easily fold it down, load it up, and push the entire rack up the set of rails so it’s not obscuring movement or accessibility in your laundry room. Check out the video to see how it’s made and head over to FishersShopOnline.com to pick up the plans so you can make your own!

00:00 – Intro
01:10 – Milling & Dimensioning
02:26 – Making Dowels
03:08 – Rack Frame
05:30 – Hinge Mortise
06:39 – Brackets
10:14 – Fastening Hinge
10:43 – Vertical Rails
12:55 – Testing
13:17 – Applying Finish
13:50 – Installation
14:55 – Finished Shots
15:52 – Outtakes

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