Why Didn’t I Think Of This Before? Genius Idea But Will it Work?

Thanks again to Drew for the AWESOME push stick! Check out his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/FishersShop
How many times have I taped or clamped a full sheet of sandpaper down on my bench only to have whatever I’m sanding catch on it and tear it? TOO many times! This simple project puts an end to that by holding the paper on all four edges making it impossible to snag.
— Rather than non-slip stuff on the bottom I could add a cleat so that I could clamp it in my shoulder vise = better idea.
The framed sanding cushion bonus project was one that I’ve been meaning to do for several years. It needs a thin layer of rubbery non-slip stuff glued on the top to make it perfect. A layer of carpet underlay would work, but may be heavier than ideal. The foam makes this weigh nothing and that makes it easier and more convenient to use and put away.
— Even just an old towel laid over the foam would keep the part from moving while it’s being sanded. And then the towel would collect a lot of the dust and I could just bring it outdoors and shake it out = better idea!

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