This Backsplash Looks Awesome, but I’ll Never Do It Again… Here’s Why

I started this almost exactly 1 year ago – September, 2020. And I’m just now getting around to finishing it. What the video doesn’t show is that it isn’t actually finished, there’s still a section above the window that is not tiled. I’ll get that done soon, but wanted to clear this project out of my video queue. The hold up was putting on the three coats of water based poly to protect it – I knew it would be the least enjoyable part of the project and that gave me enough of an excuse not to get it done.
With everything I said in the video about how much time went into it, it’s definitely worth it if you want something unique and different. I’m now thinking that I really should do the second wall in the kitchen (counter is “L” shaped) but use the panel method I described in the video. Still a ton of work, but then installing ceramic tiles isn’t a walk in the park, either.

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