They Shut Off My Lights so I Made This – Fancy Wooden Candelabra

When the lights go out there’s nothing more handy than something to hold the candles, so why not do it first class? This candelabra is made from solid maple and Baltic birch plywood (for the arms) and holds 5 candles.
It took my just a few hours to finish this and it’s a fun project if you have a lathe. It can be made without a lathe, but it will have a more modern, blocky shape.
The arms can be made using a bent lamination, but it’s tricking getting that exactly right to allow for spring back after it comes out of the form. The first one of these that I made (back in the early 90’s) was made that way and I had to make the arms twice to get them close enough. Plywood is better and you can make your own for this – blanks for this one are 3″ x 5″, so fairly small.

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