The ultimate guide to making a wooden end-grain cutting board

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Making an end-grain cutting board is fun and fairly simple. It takes an eye for detail and a little bit of planning, but it’s a fundamental woodworking project that anyone with a table saw can make. In this video, I’ll take you step-by-step through the entire process of designing and building a cutting board. The online software I used is a free site called Cutting Board Designer JS:

There are three types of wooden cutting boards:

The cheapest and most basic is a face grain cutting board. It’s simply a board, or maybe a couple boards edge joined together to make them wider. The thickness of a face grain cutting board is limited to the thickness of the lumber used to make it.

A step up is an edge grain cutting board. To make this, you glue the faces of a bunch of boards together and their edges become the cutting surface. From a durability standpoint, an edge grain board is about the same as a face grain board. The advantage though, is that you can easily make a much thicker cutting board. Of course, this will require more lumber.

But the most prized cutting board is the end grain cutting board. These are made up of lots of small boards with their faces and edges joined together, using the end grain of the boards as the cutting surface. These can sell for several hundred dollars or even several thousand dollars each, depending on the size. Like with the edge grain cutting board, you can make these as thick as you want. 1” to 2” thick boards are common, but you could even make a free standing butcher’s block. These are the most time consuming boards to make and require the most lumber.

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0:00 Types of Cutting Boards
3:30 Design tutorial
8:16 How to make a cutting board
18:50 Applying a finish
21:06 Cutting board care


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