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*My Shop Tools and Supplies


Tape Measure
*Digital Angle Finder
*Moisture Meter
*Speed Square


*Miter Saw
*Flush Trim Saw
*Circular Saw
*Saw Blades Frued 10” Glue Line Blade
*Saw Blades Frued 12” Finish Crosscut blade
*Freud Dado Set
*Feather Board
*Table Saw
*Band Saw
Planer (Spiral Carbide Cutter)


Forstner Bits
Drill Guide
*Self Centering Dowel Jig
*Dewalt MaxFit 90 Degree drill adapter
*Drill Press
*Drill Press Table


Palm Sander
Belt Sander
Benchtop Sander

Sanding blocks
120 grit
220 grit

Router Bits (Starter Set)
Router Bits Determine needs, buy quality

Assembly (also see “Clamps”)

Pocket Hole / Auto Jig
Auto Jig Starter Kit (no clamps)
Auto Jig Complete Kit
*Armor Kreg K4 Upgrade Kit
Kreg 720 Pocket Hole Jig (no wings)
Kreg 720 Pro
Kreg 520 Pro
Kreg 520 (CLAMP)
Kreg K5
*Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig (DISCONTINUED)
*K4 Upgrade Auto clamp
*HD Pocket Hole Jig (For thick stock)


*Kreg 2 ½ Course Screws 2000ct
*Kreg 1 ¼ Course Screws 1200ct
Kreg 1 ¼ Course Screws COURSE, 5000ct
Kreg 2” Screws COURSE 3000ct,
Kreg 1 ¼ FINE Screws thread, 5000ct
Kreg 2 ½ HD Screws

*Armor Color Coded Screw Kit 800ct COURSE
*Armor Color Coded Screw Kit 800ct FINE

*Brad Nailer

*Dewalt Biscuit Jointer
*#20 Size Biscuits

Painting / Staining

*HVLP Sprayer


*Fulton 4 Way Pressure Clamps
*Armor 3″ Face Clamp
*Armor 6″ Face Clamp
*2” Spring Clamps
*6” Clamps
*12” Clamps
*24” Clamps

Other tools and equipment

*Dust Collection

*8” Jointer –

*Roller Stand

*Shop Hoist

Box Fan Air King 9723
*Box Fan Lasko 3723 (2 pk)
*Filters 20X20X1 Air Filters Merv 11 –


*3M Quick Latch Respirator
*3M Filters
*Dewalt Safety Glasses
Hearing protection
*Nitril gloves – Purchased at Costco 400ct/$20

Building a Basic Bookcase

Developing a basic bookcase is a terrific DIY weekend break project, that does not need a whole lot of woodworking skills. A cabinet is generally a huge box with three sides. This can be constructed to match existing furnishings, tarnished, painted, or left in the raw wood.

Using Cedar for Woodworking Projects

If you’re browsing for a material that’s so sturdy that it can be utilized for the outdoors, after that, you ought to think about making use of cedar for woodworking jobs. A great deal of people utilize cedar timber for various projects therefore can you.

Things You Should Know About Woodworking With Softwoods

Softwoods are your all-around product and can be used for almost any type of kind of task. Nonetheless, to produce a stunning piece of art using softwoods takes a little bit more effort. Right here are a couple of tips to assist you out when developing your task out of softwood.

Picking Hardwoods for Woodworking Projects

When you’re searching for woods for woodworking jobs, you’ll find a great deal of them simply by going to your neighborhood vendor. The question is, how will you pick the appropriate one? Here are some suggestions which can aid you pick a type of timber to collaborate with.

Woodworking With Oak – Tips to Help You Out

Oak is among the revered sorts of hardwood as well as is made use of in a lot of great woodworking jobs. Due to its outstanding durability, you might experience a number of difficulties when you’re woodworking with oak. Here are some ideas to help you out when you’re working with this type of wood.

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