Not the Droid you are… Making A High Capacity Cyclone Vac / Dust Collector

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▶️ Design inspiration for this build comes from a video by Cosmas Bauer:
Probably the best feature of the plastic water tank is thick walled so it won’t collapse when using it for this. It’s also a large diameter – 23 inches – and that means that even when it’s cut short like this, it still holds a lot. That collection capacity is around 20 gallons or 80 liters, which is more than one of those big garbage cans full.
Like I said, the Craftsman shop vac I used to power this is more than 30 years old. I bought it new and have been using it nearly every day since. It has tons of suction and can easily compensate for the efficiency loss when adding a cyclone separator.
The cyclone is a Thein baffle design and this works best when you have the large diameter. The obvious advantage is that it can be very short in height, so the entire unit can be very compact. That was a key point for my small shop, since I don’t have the space for a full size dust collector.
I want this mobile to easily roll where needed in the shop and it will primary be used for dust creating operations, like sanding and CNC work. I won’t be using this for major dust collection (table saw, planer, etc.) since I already have effective solutions in place for those. I also won’t use it for general shop cleaning. That’s what a broom and dust pan are for.
I wanted this to last and be ruggedly built without overbuilding it, and I guess having it fall off my workbench tested that. I also wanted it lightweight, compact and easy to move and use, and I think I managed to do that.

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