Maybe The Best Wood Finish EVER! – How to Apply Vesting LED-Hard Wax Oil

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Save 10% on Vesting finishes using coupon code AMERICANCRAFTSMAN. We now use Vesting finishes almost exclusively in our shop and we think if you try them you’ll love them too!
My friends over at Greene Street Joinery have been using Vesting LED hard wax oil for a few months now. I’ve had the opportunity to work with it here in the shop and over at Greene Street Joinery. I’m tempted to say that this may be the only wood finish you need for interior use. The immediate dry time combined with a very durable finish is a huge advantage especially when working in a small shop. This finish is also very easy to repair, in the shop or at the job site. This long format video is designed to be a helpful guide to anyone that decides to use this finish. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the video, Jon

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