Making a Very Different Type of Feather Board – Woodworking

The top of my saw is plastic, so magnets don’t work and the plastic is very slippery, so nothing locks in the miter slot. Instead I made this very uncommon type of “feather board” to keep the stock against the fence when needed.
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Woodturning – How Green Can it Be?

Woodturning has actually ended up being a preferred leisure activity each time when we question just how whatever affects our ecology. The concern emerges as to the impact of woodturning on our environment. To put it simply, is woodturning a green activity?

Woodturning – Keeping it Safe

Woodturning is among the best techniques of woodworking in these days of power devices. However, there are constantly threats when dealing with power tools and a few easy guidelines keep things safer as well as more pleasurable.

Woodturning – Sanding Has to Be Done, Efficiency Counts

Woodturners like to turn wood, consider wood as well as talk regarding timber, however really few like to sand wood. Yet it is a compulsory part of preparing a piece for a finish and needs to be done. Therefore it is best done well and swiftly.

Woodturning – Understanding Sandpaper

Woodturners usage sandpaper to bring the surface area of a turned item right into shaper for final finishing. Sometimes an extremely fine sandpaper may be utilized to finish the finish itself, particularly if a lacquer surface has actually been applied. It aids to comprehend what sandpaper is in order to utilize it well.

Woodworking Instructions – Wood Conditioners

Wood conditioner is just one of the actions of completing your task that is least recognized by individuals who do woodworking in your home. When to utilize it, what is it, and how does it function? These are all generally asked concerns that I’m going to address for you.

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