Kreg 720 Pro Discounted 20% OFF For Veterans

The new Kreg 720 Pro Pocket-Hole jig, 520 Pro Pocket hole jig, clamps, and all of Kreg’s tools are 20% off for veterans. Now is the time to buy a pocket hole jig, to make money building woodworking projects to sell. If your a beginner woodworker, this new pocket hole jig can help you build furniture to sell, faster and easier.

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Kreg 720 Pocket Hole Jig (no wings)
Kreg 720 Pro
Kreg 520 Pro

*My Shop Tools and Supplies


Tape Measure
*Digital Angle Finder
*Moisture Meter

*Speed Square


*Miter Saw
*Flush Trim Saw
*Circular Saw
*Saw Blades Frued 10” Glue Line Blade
*Saw Blades Frued 12” Finish Crosscut blade
*Freud Dado Set
*Feather Board
*Table Saw
*Band Saw
Planer (Spiral Carbide Cutter)


Forstner Bits
Drill Guide
*Self Centering Dowel Jig
*Dewalt MaxFit 90 Degree drill adapter
*Drill Press
*Drill Press Table


Palm Sander
Belt Sander
Benchtop Sander
Sanding blocks
120 grit
220 grit

Router Bits (Starter Set)
Router Bits Determine needs, buy quality

Assembly (also see “Clamps”)

Pocket Hole / Auto Jig
Auto Jig Starter Kit (no clamps)
Auto Jig Complete Kit
*Armor Kreg K4 Upgrade Kit
Kreg 720 Pocket Hole Jig (no wings)
Kreg 720 Pro
Kreg 520 Pro
Kreg 520 (CLAMP)
Kreg K5
*Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig (DISCONTINUED)
*K4 Upgrade Auto clamp
*HD Pocket Hole Jig (For thick stock)


*Kreg 2 ½ Course Screws 2000ct
*Kreg 1 ¼ Course Screws 1200ct
Kreg 1 ¼ Course Screws COURSE, 5000ct
Kreg 2” Screws COURSE 3000ct,
Kreg 1 ¼ FINE Screws thread, 5000ct
Kreg 2 ½ HD Screws

*Armor Color Coded Screw Kit 800ct COURSE
*Armor Color Coded Screw Kit 800ct FINE

*Brad Nailer

*Dewalt Biscuit Jointer
*#20 Size Biscuits

Painting / Staining

*HVLP Sprayer

*Fulton 4 Way Pressure Clamps
*Armor 3″ Face Clamp
*Armor 6″ Face Clamp

*2” Spring Clamps
*6” Clamps
*12” Clamps
*24” Clamps

Other tools and equipment

*Dust Collection

*8” Jointer –

*Roller Stand

*Shop Hoist

Box Fan Air King 9723
*Box Fan Lasko 3723 (2 pk)
*Filters 20X20X1 Air Filters Merv 11 –


*3M Quick Latch Respirator
*3M Filters
*Dewalt Safety Glasses

Audio Equipment

*Rode Wireless Go
*Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone
*3.5mm Patch Cable (connects mic to cell phone)

Ipe for Woodworking Projects – Tips to Make Woodworking Easy

Ipe is a beautiful product to deal with. You can make use of ipe for woodworking projects if you’re trying to find something sturdy and will certainly last for a few excellent years. Here are some points you need to recognize to make your work simpler.

10 Types of Wood for Carving Your Woodworking Projects

Discovering the best sort of timber for carving a job is normally the woodworker’s very first challenge. If you’re likewise battling with this decision, continue reading and also discover the kinds of wood you can utilize in sculpting your woodworking job.

Make Crafting Easy When Woodworking With Maple

Maple is amongst the very best kinds of hardwoods which you can use in all of your wood crafts. It is an excellent product to function with since it provides you both elegance as well as sturdiness.

Choosing Pergola Designs – Things To Consider

See to it that any kind of pergola creates you look at consist of theses standard basics. You do not want to get in the center of building your pergola just to find that the plans exclude an essential item of info! It’s ideal to save yourself the irritation and also disappointment before you even obtain begun. Your pergola (or any kind of various other woodshop jobs) will be much faster to finish and also extra expert in appearance when you have exceptional woodworking design strategies. Don’t stint choosing the most effective prepare for your woodworking project. You’ll be placing your best initiative right into developing a treasure high quality item, don’t make use of substandard job strategies.

Pergola Designs That Make Sense

A couple of fundamental points to look for in pergola layouts (or any woodshop projects strategies) would certainly consist of; materials listings, tools lists, clear and easy information and spending plan conscience. Everyone has their very own individual choices, so maintain those in mind too when picking your strategies. By setting these guidelines you will certainly be much less likely to squander your time or money on strategies that end up being ineffective.

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