I Wish I Made this 10 Years ago… Essential Tool for Woodwork

I’m sure this has a name, but I’m coming up blank. Anyway, it’s for routing out recesses and holes or holes with recesses.
It’s an idea that I’ve been mulling over for a couple of years, and the key feature is the spacer blocks that you use to size it accurately.
Also a tricky method for locking the rails together took a fair bit of deep thought, but works amazingly well. It is a bit challenging to make, given the small size of the parts.
After you have it sized, it can be clamped down or use double sided tape if clamps won’t reach. Or hot melt glue, if you don’t have any tape.
The spacer blocks can be taped down too, if you just have lines on whatever you are routing out.
Changes I’d make if I made it again:
– Upsize everything by a factor of 1.5. Even though it isn’t, it feels and looks flimsy.
– Get real metal insert knobs and the locking bolt epoxied to the aluminum locking pawl. Or tap the pawl and use a knob with a stud. Then the pawl should be steel for the threads to last.

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