How To Make a Modern Round Dining Table

Plans for this Project
Lily table, This modern looking table was inspired by the Lily pad and Lily pad flower. The 60 inch round dining table is made of a 8/4 quartersawn white oak for the base and 5/4 rifts sawn White Oak for the top.
I went out on a limb here and titled this project … Lily table. Why would I do that ? … A friend of mine once said a painting with a title is easier to remember than one without. I’m hoping the same holds true for this piece of furniture. Also this table was inspired by the Lily pad and Lily pad flower kind of flipped upside down.
Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video. If you’d like to build this project click on this link for the plans. Design Plans:

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How to make the tapered top
How to use screw inserts
Picking lumber for the table top
How to make a circle jig
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