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Rather than complaining about the high price of lumber, I wanted to remind you of a few ways you can pick up some free or at least cheap wood.

1. Lots of local businesses are happy to have you take shipping pallets off their hands. Ask around. Pallets take some work to break apart, but they can yield some good wood, sometimes oak.

2. Local construction sites always have a lot of scrap lumber and wood from demolition. Some will allow you to take it off their hands. Find a foreman or someone else in change and ask.

3. Craigslist has a free section where you can sometimes find people giving away scrap lumber. Also keep an eye out for old furniture at local garages sales. Sometimes, you might find old furniture on the curb.

Acquiring free wood will take some extra effort, but the results can be quite satisfying. Plus, using reclaimed lumber might give you a new outlook on woodworking. Every project you make will have a greater story behind it.

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