How does sandpaper get its grit numbers? #shorts

A common misconception is that sandpaper is graded based on the number of particles per inch. And that’s kind of true, but mostly it’s about the size of the particles.

You may already know that the higher the number, the finer the grit. So a rough, 60 grit paper is for shaping and removing material and a 400 is a fine grit sandpaper used for smoothing and finishing.

The number designation refers to the number of holes in a one square inch screen. So a screen with 60 holes will allow larger particles to pass through, while a screen with 400 holes will only allow finer particles.

By the way, the coarsest grit I’ve ever seen is 16 and the finest is 7000. I would think at some point, the paper backing is finer than the sandpaper side!

But I would like to see a #1 grit. Just one rock every inch.

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