Genius Idea for Making Small Drawers or Beyond Stupid? You Tell Me

This is steel stud wall framing you can get at any building supply store. Actually the track (or plate) the wall studs fasten to at the top and bottom. This has straight sides and no holes, so much better for this.
The hardest part is cutting it into pieces. I used my grinder with a thin cutting blade and no guard (responsible for his own actions adult here, so go find some children to lecture after I ban you from my channel), but sheet metal snips would also work. The easiest way would be if you have one of those metal cutting chop saws, but avoid using the one for cutting wood!
Actually you could use the miter saw if you used an old blade and made a hold rig like I did for the hacksaw – just cut through the holding rig and say your prayers.
I knew the hacksaw wouldn’t work (even with a blade with more teeth) but built the holding rig to give it the best chance of working just to demonstrate that it wouldn’t work. ‘Cause I knew guys would ask if they can use a hacksaw. Try it for yourself. Do it!
Jigsaw with metal cutting blade? Yes, but more difficult.
Dremel? Yes, but you are going to need a big stack of cutting disks and an afternoon to do it.
I did this project VERY quickly, so it’s not an example of my best work. You will realize superior results if you slow down and do a good job of cutting the parts and cleaning everything up.
The metal is fastened using 1/2″ nails driven in as shown in the video. I used a center punch to start the hole and lock the parts together. This method is more than strong enough for whatever will be in these drawers, so don’t be worrying it. Use tiny screws if this kind of thing keeps you up at night.
I decided after I started putting it together to add a bit of walnut to pretty it up. Think that the walnut takes the project overall from a 3 right up to a 7.5. Slowing down and being more careful could boost that to 8.5 or even a 9. 10 is reserved for anything with dovetails.
Of course these drawers can be made any length and have dividers inside. I used two different width as well.
If you a real metal worker, you can make these drawers without wood by cleverly bending up the ends. I was going to do that but thought this method was easier to accomplish for the average mess maker out in his mom’s garage.
That blade change was going to be a YouTube short, but I HATE YouTube shorts so I put it where it belongs – in a real video.

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