Easy To Make Locking TV Mounting Bracket

Just a quick video showing how I made a simple mounting bracket that locks the TV in place. I used a single strip of 3/4″ plywood and 1″ long cap bolts that fit the treaded inserts in the back of the unit.
The routed grooves don’t have to be perfect, just close enough and you can make adjustments when mounting the strip on the wall to make up for inaccuracies.
These TV’s are very light, so this is more than adequate support. If mounting something heavier you should use all four bolts, but that makes layout a lot more difficult. My wall is OSB (not drywall) so I can just screw into that. On drywall, you need to drive the screws into strong anchors or into the wall studs.
Obviously there’s no angle or tilt adjustment with this – you get what you pay for – but it is perfect if you just want the TV flat on the wall.

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