Drum Sander VS Wide-Belt Sander: What Should YOU Buy?!?

In this video, if you are a woodworker, then you are going to want to tune in, as I share my thoughts about what type of sander you should purchase.

I’ve been using a drum sander for years and it’s definitely one of the important tools in my shop. I like to run boards through the sander to make sure all the machine marks are sanded off and the boards are the same exact thickness.

I downsized a few years ago from the Performax 25 × 2 to this Jet 18-36.
For my small shop this little sander gets the job done. If you are a bigger production shop you might want to look into the Grizzly wide belt sander.

My friends over at Greene Street Joinery just picked one up for their shop so I thought we’d go over and take a look. Thanks for watching, Jon

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