Cutech VS. Wahuda: Cutech 8 Jointer – Wahuda 8 Jointer (Reviews) 2021

Cutech VS. Wahuda: Jointer reviews of the Cutech 8 inch jointer vs Wahuda 8 jointer. Two companies, two jointers! If your shopping for a woodworking 8 inch jointer, watch this video on 8 inch jointer reviews. My tool reviews are honest, I buy the tools with my own money, my videos are not sponsored.

I use my 8 inch jointer to make woodworking projects to sell. Selling woodworking projects got easier with this jointer.

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Cutech 8 inch jointer –

Wahuda 8 inch jointer –

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Below are some of the tools and supplies I use.
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*My Shop Tools and Supplies
Tape Measure
*Digital Angle Finder
*Moisture Meter

*Speed Square

*Miter Saw
*Flush Trim Saw
*Circular Saw
*Saw Blades Frued 10” Glue Line Blade
*Saw Blades Frued 12” Finish Crosscut blade
*Freud Dado Set
*Feather Board
*Table Saw
*Band Saw
Planer (Spiral Carbide Cutter)

Forstner Bits
Drill Guide
*Self Centering Dowel Jig
*Dewalt MaxFit 90 Degree drill adapter
*Drill Press
*Drill Press Table

Palm Sander
Belt Sander
Benchtop Sander
Sanding blocks
120 grit
220 grit

Router Bits (Starter Set)
Router Bits Determine needs, buy quality

Assembly (also see “Clamps”)
Pocket Hole / Auto Jig
Auto Jig Starter Kit (no clamps)
Auto Jig Complete Kit
*Armor Kreg K4 Upgrade Kit
Kreg 720 Pocket Hole Jig (no wings)
Kreg 720 Pro
Kreg 520 Pro
Kreg 520 (CLAMP)
Kreg K5
*Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig (DISCONTINUED)
*K4 Upgrade Auto clamp
*HD Pocket Hole Jig (For thick stock)

*Kreg 2 ½ Course Screws 2000ct
*Kreg 1 ¼ Course Screws 1200ct
Kreg 1 ¼ Course Screws COURSE, 5000ct
Kreg 2” Screws COURSE 3000ct,
Kreg 1 ¼ FINE Screws thread, 5000ct
Kreg 2 ½ HD Screws

*Armor Color Coded Screw Kit 800ct COURSE
*Armor Color Coded Screw Kit 800ct FINE

*Brad Nailer

*Dewalt Biscuit Jointer
*#20 Size Biscuits

Painting / Staining

*HVLP Sprayer

*Fulton 4 Way Pressure Clamps
*Armor 3″ Face Clamp
*Armor 6″ Face Clamp

*2” Spring Clamps
*6” Clamps
*12” Clamps
*24” Clamps

Other tools and equipment

*Dust Collection

*8” Jointer –

*Roller Stand

*Shop Hoist

Box Fan Air King 9723
*Box Fan Lasko 3723 (2 pk)
*Filters 20X20X1 Air Filters Merv 11 –

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As in any company it is very important to focus your focus on what the consumer desires. All successful services have identified what is of value to their clients. It’s no various in a home-based woodworking organization. If you are mosting likely to be successful, you can’t be all points to all people. You need to narrow your emphasis, in various other words you have to find your niche in the market, doing this is hard yet possible. Now if you are a large firm or have a great deal of refund your endeavor you can hire a company to do this for you. Allows face it though. If you are just starting in a home woodworking business you more than likely do not have a pail filled with money around to work with a company to do this for you. So this is something you are going to have to research by yourself, and there are a variety of means to do that.

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I matured in a small community where my household home educated as well as so did some of our next-door neighbors. In my family the kids as well as girls started to take on more requiring duties once they had developed sufficient as well as got to a specific age. I can still keep in mind as a young child hanging out with my older bro and my papa. Father would certainly instruct us all kinds of things from food preparation, to searching, to woodworking as well as carpentry.

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