Building My Wife A Storage Shelf For Her Classroom | As Well As Some RAB Tools DomStop500 Action

It’s been a while but I’m back…for a short bit. My wife wanted a new shelf for her classroom so this video is me making that for her. I had a few bumps along the way but in the end…it turned out really nice. She’s happy and that’s really all that matters. Thanks for watching!
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Cut list
Shelves – x2 (17″ deep by 41″ wide)
Side Panels – x2 (19″ wide and 31.25″ tall)
Base – x1 (19″ deep x 42.5″ wide)
I used (3/4)” plywood with a maple veneer
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Partial Voiceovers
Today I started breaking down my sheet goods to their final dimension with my track saw. Now I don’t own parallel guides and this is not going to be featured on the cover of Wood Magazine so my cuts may be off by a third of a half a millimeter since I’m just eyeballing where to place my guide rail and that’s ok. I will say that I was very pleased with my results doing it this way. So today was a lot of step and repeat. I Used my TS-24 to draw my line, lined up the guide rail, and make my cut.

I ended up cutting all the pieces to their final length on my MFT. I figured since I have it…why not use it.

Day 2 is domino day. I used my TS-32 and drew a line at 13 and half inches from the bottom of the side panel and then I drew another line at 27 and a half inches referenced off the same edge. Since this panel is 19 inches wide I took my TS-12 and drew a line 9 and a half inches from the edge to give me a center reference for my DomStop500. It doesn’t have to be dead center because I’ll be using the tighter mortise setting on the side panel and the looser setting on the shelves. Now if you’d like to know more about the DomStop500 please check the description as I placed a link to a more detailed video covering it.

This is my first project using a domino and I have to say that the more I used it with the DomStop…the more I appreciated how quick and easy it was to make repeat mortises. I know it takes a little time to set up but it’s worth it.

So do you remember that scene I told you to remember? Those marks I put on the guide rail marked the center of my mortise and they measured 6-(7/8) of an inch to the left and right of center. So I found, and marked, the center on this 17” wide panel, marked 6-(7/8) to the left of center and did the same right of center. I then set my domino to the looser mortise setting and made my 12 mortises in the 2 shelves. I also did the base and bottom of the side panels using those exact measurements. You just need to be aware of what face you’re referencing when making those mortises. It’s worth noting that my plunge setting on the side panels and base was 12mm and for the shelves it was 28mm.

Using my Paolini Pocket Rule I found the center on both supports, clamped the piece down and cut one mortise at one end, rotated the piece and cut another on the other end. I did that twice…obviously.

Today was not a good day for video…you’ll see why. So I let my phone cool off for a while and then I just got tired of technology.

I applied some pre stain wood conditioner to the shelf before applying 2 coats of the stain that my wife had picked out. I let the shelf sit for 48 hours before adding some protection in the form of 3 coats of satin sheen poly acrylic and yes I sanded in between coats.
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Tools I used…
Festool Tracksaw – TSC55
Festool MFT/3
Festool Domino DF500
FujiSpray Semi-Pro 2 System
Woodpeckers T-Squares (TS-12, TS-24, TS32)
Woodpeckers Pocket T-Square (TS-3)
Woodpeckers Paolini Pocket Rule (6″)
Woodpeckers 12″ Paolini Rule
Bora SpeedhorseXT
Bessey EZR15-6 Track Clamps
Bessey GTS16S6H Table Clamps
RAB Tools DomStop500
RAB Tools EndStop
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Want to know more about the DomStop500??
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