Building an outdoor bench…with pallet wood (no budget)

This week i came across a broken bench and decided to fix it…without spending money.
hopefully a lot of people will enjoy this beautiful view of Cologne
#guerillamaker #guerillamaking #laurakampf

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Choosing the Proper Finish For Your Woodworking Project

A woodworking task is not completely ended up until the topcoat of an ending up job is dry and also your art piece revives. If you do not pick the completing task very thoroughly, all your hard work will certainly be recorded for several years to come.

Drawing Your Own Woodworking Plans

Tips on making woodworking patterns as well as drawings. This is a timesaver for the active woodworker.

Wood Carving – How to Make a Gouge Honing Board

When your cut has lost its razor-sharpness, one way to bring the sides back to pristine problem is to utilize a gouge sharpening board. You can conveniently make it on your own in less than a hr. And also it functions extremely quickly.

Wood Carving – How to Sharpen Straight Chisels

If you’re going to be a true timber carver, you actually ought to find out just how to sharpen your very own tools. And also straight blades are the simplest sculpting tools to sharpen. When you understand exactly how to do it properly, you can develop any various other straight-edged tool in your collection.

Wood Carving – Bevels and Cutting Angles

When you recognize the basics of exactly how cutting angles on beveled sides affect cutting effectiveness, you’ll understand so much concerning any type of reducing device that you keep in your hand. Basic mistakes can be stayed clear of and also you ‘d be well on your way to becoming a skilled timber carver.

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