Best Clamps for Clamping (Harbor Freight Clamps, Bessey Clamps, Kreg Clamps, Armor tool clamps)

Best woodworking clamps for clamping, harbor freight clamps, bessey clamps, spring clamps, corner clamps, Kreg Clamps, Armor tool clamps, pipe clamps, parallel clamps, spring clamps, face clamps, and much more.

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*Fulton 4 Way Pressure Clamps

Bessey Pipe Clamp

*Armor 3″ Face Clamp
*Armor 6″ Face Clamp

*Kreg 3” Face Clamp
*Kreg 6” Face Clamp
*Kreg 90 Degree (Pocket Hole) Clamp

Massca Lever Clamps
Massca Gear Clamp

Hold Down Clamps
T-Track Clamps

Corner Clamp
You know Where Corner Clamps

Hose Clamp

Armor-tool dog clamps
Armor tool dog clamp

*2” Spring Clamps
*6” Clamps
*12” Clamps
*24” Clamps

*My Shop Tools and Supplies

Tape Measure
*Digital Angle Finder
*Moisture Meter

*Speed Square

*Miter Saw
*Kreg Stop and Track Sys
*Flush Trim Saw
*Circular Saw
*Saw Blades Frued 10” Glue Line Blade
*Saw Blades Frued 12” Finish Crosscut blade
*Freud Dado Set
*Feather Board (Milescraft)
Featherboard Single (Jessem)
*Featherboard Double (Jessem/Recommended)
*Table Saw
*Band Saw
Planer (Spiral Carbide Cutter)

Forstner Bits
Drill Guide
*Self Centering Dowel Jig
*Jessem Doweling Jig Master Kit
*Dewalt MaxFit 90 Degree drill adapter
*Kreg 3” Drill Driver Bit –
*Drill Press
*Drill Press Table

*Palm Sander
Belt Sander
Benchtop Sander

*Router Bits (Starter Set)
Router Bits, Determine needs, buy quality

Assembly (also see “Clamps”)
*Pocket Hole / Auto Jig (Armor)
Auto Jig Starter Kit (no clamps)
Auto Jig Complete Kit
*Armor Kreg K4 Upgrade Kit
*Massca Pocket Hole Jig M2
*HD Pocket Hole Jig (For thick stock)

*Kreg 2 ½ Course Screws 2000ct
*Kreg 1 ¼ Course Screws 1200ct
Kreg 1 ¼ Course Screws COURSE, 5000ct
Kreg 2” Screws COURSE 3000ct,
Kreg 1 ¼ FINE Screws thread, 5000ct
Kreg 2 ½ HD Screws

*Armor Color Coded Screw Kit 800ct COURSE
*Armor Color Coded Screw Kit 800ct FINE

*Brad Nailer

*Dewalt Biscuit Jointer
*#20 Size Biscuits

Painting / Staining

*HVLP Sprayer

Other tools and equipment

*Dust Collection

*8” Jointer –

*Roller Stand

*Shop Hoist

*Box Fan Lasko 3723 (2 pk)
*Filters 20X20X1 Air Filters Merv 11 –


*3M Quick Latch Respirator
*3M Filters
*Dewalt Safety Glasses
Hearing protection
*Nitril gloves – Purchased at Costco 400ct/$20

Different Types of Wood Sheds

A shed is critical for personal needs, pastimes, and also rate of interests. As we advance via life our foot prints of tasks require added area for storage space. Our sentimentality, memories, thriftiness, possibility of hand-me-downs, inheritance posts, and our creativity to recycle warrants the wish and also need to invest in a shed built of timber.

Things to Keep in Mind When Working With Wood

If you have an interest in woodworking jobs after that there are some essential things you require to remember in order to make the best possible use your energy and time. The very first thing you should do is spend in some excellent top quality woodworking job strategies.

Transforming Your Yard’s Ambiance With Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencings are visually pleasing, easy-to-install and long lasting. Before you identify the appropriate bamboo fence for your yard, you need to think about the decor you want to accomplish. If you’re trying to find a less-expensive wood secure fencing that will not wear away with time, you must consider bamboo fence.

Segmented Bowl

I have actually been preparing to turn a segmented dish with utilizing several species of wood glued together to develop a pattern as one of your many projects, right here are a few suggestions and also tips on doing simply that. If you’re major about your woodworking hobby, then you’ve probably goggled the subject and also seen pictures of all the amazing things.

Reverse Chucking, What!

This is a process in which you can turn the base of the dish after the inside and outdoors are completed. This will add a great appearance to your job and make the dish stick out. I am making the assumption that the majority of viewers will have some experience transforming timber.

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