A Stop-Motion Tool Restoration Story

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“If that thing is gonna get restored, it’ll have to restore itself!”

After being unearthed and scavenged from the depths of a Minnesota field by Flint the dog, this brave little chisel musters the energy to restore itself within Fisher’s Shop. Its personality comes to life as the chisel works to shed its rusty exterior. Watch, and laugh along, as this antique hand tool finds its way back to its original beauty!

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About the video:
– Based on uncovered markings of the chisel, it was originally a PEXTO (Peck & Stow) chisel manufactured sometime between the dates of 1916-1936
– The polymer handle found with the chisel was definitely not original to the chisel but most likely added by the previous owner to replace the original wooden one.
– The video consisted of 2,310 video clips stitched together to creation the animation.
– There’s a total of 217 sound effects that were downloaded from online sources or recorded in the shop to create the audio tracks
– The video took me a solid 2 weeks to record and edit (the most I’ve ever spent on any video to this day)

Thanks for watching!!

Woodworking Ideas Worth Doing

It is rather tough what kind of woodworking ideas are really worth doing either by yourself or with others. This is since to start with, there are a number of important elements that you should take into consideration to arrive at a choice. One vital point to take into consideration is do you have the needed skillsets (as well as tools) to change your concept into a working job? Next is, would you think about doing the project with a person else or would you like to feel a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment as well as do it on your own? And, if you would consider dealing with somebody else or a group of individuals, what sort of abilities should they possess in addition to what degree of the job would certainly they be entailed in?

Excellent Wood Projects

Introducing your kids to timber tasks is a fantastic means to distract them from spending way too much time on computers, tvs, iPods, and also any various other gizmos. Allow them see the fun of making something out of timber and also be productive.

Fathers Day 2011 Is Coming – 4 Easy Woodworking Projects To Make For Dad

Fathers Day 2011 is simply around the bend, June 19th as a practical. If you’re looking for some very easy woodworking tasks for your child to make for dear old papa, you’ve found the best location. (Adult guidance is required whatsoever times when making use of any kind of sort of power tools). Here are 7 affordable and also classic woodworking projects that you can make with your youngster.

Getting Started With Your First Woodworking Project

Woodworking has been around for several years and also it is a skill that hopefully will never die out. There has actually been a decrease in the amount of younger people using up woodworking recently though. What with all the brand-new and contemporary innovation a great deal of the young people today are much more curious about playing games than creating something out of wood that they can be happy with.

Basic Tool Kit For Your First Wood Furniture Project

Once you have actually made the decision to provide woodworking an opportunity, one of the very first steps you will certainly require to take is to obtain on your own some standard device. I highly suggest in the initial instance that you get devices that are not necessarily at the leading end of the cost spectrum (you will probably desire to see to it you like the craft initially). Whilst the checklist supplied below can be said backward and forward regarding what is really called for to begin your woodworking leisure activity, from my viewpoint, it is an outstanding starter’s set and also must have you happily creating your very first wood furnishings and also more.

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